Unreal City


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Written in early 2016, recorded in the summer, 'Unreal City' is FRAUEN's debut album.

It sings about an emotionally charged period spent in the chaos of London over a two year period, where serious relationship and personal change and strain took place. While the lyrics tell a roughly chronological story from the singer's perspective, the band play as one to make this story come to life. The album's title comes from T.S Eliot's 'The Waste Land' in which the poet describes a major metropolitan city as a post-apocalyptic nightmare.

FRAUEN are proud to show off a lifetime's worth of musical and personal influences which come together to make 'Unreal City'. Adam and Kenni switch from their usual instruments of bass and guitar respectively, meaning the guitars tend to make use of more unusual rhythms and tunings while the bass tends to be played like a guitar, often employing full chords. The first half of the record is played in A# or D# while the second half goes to more standard D and E. Meanwhile, Joe's thunderous drums are ever-present, but also show restraint and exploration of styles, depending on the song at hand.

We recorded the album over a week with Lewis Glass at his beautiful Glassworks studio in the south side of Glasgow. The drums and bass were recorded together in the Glassworks large room in a day, while the guitars and vocals took up the next four. As a first time for Adam to "front" a band on guitar performing lead vocals, it was a particularly rewarding experience to experiment with guitar tones and sounds and become a confident vocalist. A happy accident, one of the guitar tracks as a particularly high sheen to it, after using a B string on the 4th string.

FRAUEN will release the album on 10/02/2017, and will play the Old Blue Last for Punktastic on the 13th.


released February 10, 2017

Recorded, engineered and mastered by Lewis Glass at the Glassworks Studio, Glasgow

Adam Lamont: Guitars, Vocals
Kenni Campbell: Bass, Vocals
Joe Campbell: Drums, Vocals



all rights reserved


FRAUEN Glasgow, UK

FRAUEN are a punk-rock/emo band from Glasgow, Scotland. Our other/previous bands include Great Cop, Undo, The Sinking Feeling, Post Louis, Spoilers, Ice, Sea, Dead People and Maths.

Debut album 'Unreal City' out 10th February 2017.
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Track Name: Welcome To...
So one again I'm here alone,
in tears, leaving my home.
Except this time, I'm returning
to the one,
Left two years ago,
but never wanted to leave.

Somehow, everyone around me,
is asleep and sound.
On this coach I barely fit on
and no booze to numb the pain.

I'm sat here, thinking about,
the last two years of my life.
Remembering how, it all started,
wondering how I ended up this way.

Two years ago, I was crying,
my eyes out.
Leaving the only place
that I loved.
And a girl, I misplaced,
this love.
To be with someone,
I was supposed to love.

In Unreal City,
I was expected to go.
Because I hadn't realised
That we had grown apart,
even if everyone around us had.

I never questioned that we were,
meant to be.
So why was I so sad?
My boss said, to me:
"If you are leaving,
because you want to,
you'll be fine.
But if you are leaving just because,
she wants you to,
then everything,
will fall apart."
Track Name: Seven Years
And so it began,
the process of
falling out of love with

My teenage sweetheart
of seven years.

I was now living,
in Unreal City when
my life lie elsewhere.

Of your worst, qualities,
stubbornness, intense jealousy,
a denial of reality.

I was spineless, because,
I believe it was the way to be.
Learned from Eighteen.

You didn't deserve,
the heartbreak from
my indecisiveness.

This Unreal City,
we had moved to
made me realise it.

Despite all the pain,
of this life lesson, I must deal
My only act of selfishness.

She left with at least the
good nature to wish me happiness.
In our parting, written on
a postcard of the Tyne Bridge.
Where we met and died.

When I came to retrieve my things
from our fatal cohabitation
a day after she,
walked out my life,
I grieved violently.
As if, I was, mourning
the death of a loved one.

We ended here because
A year ago I told that girl I loved her.
That shadow cast itself
long over us.
We couldn't mend that
broken wing.
And a year later,
we would both be,
away from Unreal City.

I never got to reply
to your postcard.
But I hope,
you're happy too.
Track Name: Replying to a Music Ad
Track Name: Intoxicated
So with my new found freedom.
I go and fall for the first, girl I meet.
Danish, impossibly tall.
You are all fire.
And yet, you're just,
as fucked as me.

You are everything, she is not,
and I'm intoxicated.
Though we only meet
when we drink.

Though you are not my first,
you may as well be.
Because I keep hoping
it will get better.

I threw everything I had (at you)
didn't know any other way.
Didn't realise a night,
didn't mean a lifetime.

You are everything, she is not,
and I'm intoxicated.
Though we only meet
when we drink.

And later, I'll grow to
respect you for what you are.
But for now, you gave me
a thrill that I can't shake... shake... shake...
Track Name: In-Between
This morning,
I can hardly get out of bed.
For want of trying,
please respect my heavy head.

Last night,
you told me it just couldn't be this way
it's not anything I've done
you just need to figure it out.

Where does this leave me?
Oh, I guess I should be thankful.
The more I care, the worse it gets.
And we can't base it just on that.

In-between, you took advantage of me,
the trouble is I just can't trust myself.

I wish I was numb,
from all these feelings,
that drove you away and
me towards myself.

I need to learn,
to love myself again,
but a quarter century
isn't an easy place to start.

Where does this leave me?
Oh, I guess I should be thankful.
The more I care, the worse it gets.
And we can't base it just on that.

In-between, you took advantage of me,
the trouble is I just can't trust myself.

Where do I go now?
Where does this leave me?
I'll go north with all my memories,
and figure them out.
Track Name: Summer/Relapse
I saw you,
standing there
on the other side of the room.
I saw you straight away,
because you glowed.

At a party at my house.
We talked, we smiled, we danced.
We kissed, but most of all,
we promised, we promised.

The greatest tragedy,
is that you nearly were, just a rebound.
I knew you were special,
from the moment we met.
But I wasn't ready, to see it.

You see, there was, someone
else, at that party.
Who still, held, my attention.
Even though, she had,
moved on, from me.

And yet, I would still show up at
her birthday, after that disaster.
To try and convince myself that
we could still be friends.

But I humiliated myself, to her.
Because I was storing, my real emotions
at the bottom of a bottle,
and losing self-respect.

So I couldn't do it to you,
Knowing how much you loved me.
I had to risk, losing you, completely.
To prove to myself,
I could be good enough,
for you.
Track Name: Berlin
Track Name: Unreal City
I came back to Unreal City,
and fell into a deep depression.
Unreal City is a brutal place,
it goes on and on and on and on and on.
It sprawls and sprawls,
makes you hate your common man.
Expensive and dirty,
chewed up, spat out.

While I may have come here,
for someone else's reasons,
I do not regret the decision,
to move and try and try and try and try again.
Day in, day out,
Chewed up, spat out,
this city feels like a world
and it is weighing down on me.

When you realise,
you feel nothing,
for the place
you call home,
or worse, it makes you feel
enough is enough.

Unreal City,
is a transient city.
Impossible to connect with,
and it about you.
Day in, day out,
chewed up, spat out (again).
Day in, day out,
chewed up, spat out (again).
Track Name: 27
So now I have you by my side again,
And I'm ready to take on
the world all over again.
I'm taking control,
doing what I need.

You see these 2 years
in Unreal City,
Were pretty wild and I'll never forget
Lifelong friends, experiences.
I've made a few, but this place,
doesn't make me belong.
So I'm moving home.

I hope you're patient with me
as I start again.
I was a shell of a man and
never thought I'd feel again.
I'll battle my daemons,
and the great beyond.
But with you in my home,
My friends, my life,
I know I can do it again.

I'll love you completely
if you support me.
And in return,
I'll share my home with you.

I'll start that band,
write those songs,
do all the things
I promised...all over again.

27 is not so old,
to be going back home.